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prime ribs, perfect cuts of beef for the holidays

3 Cuts of Beef to Bring to the Holiday Table This Year

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday dinner! And while turkey and ham are both classic crowd-pleasers, we’d like to suggest beefing up your main dish this year. Whether you’re gathering with family or celebrating remotely, these three cuts of beef are the perfect addition to your holiday

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organic grass-fed beef

Can You Afford NOT to Eat Organic, Grass-Fed Beef?

Do us a favor. Take a minute to think about the best steak you’ve ever eaten. Was it perfectly seared with a rich, brown crust? What did it smell like? Think about the texture. Did it seem to melt in your mouth? Was it rich, juicy, and perfectly tender?  We

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essential fatty acids organic beef patty

Why Essential Fatty Acids Are…Well, Essential

There’s a lot of information out there regarding nutrition. Especially essential nutrients and how to get more of them into our diets. At the top of the list? Essential fatty acids. They’re touted for their many positive benefits, including preventing heart disease, breaking down cholesterol, and regulating hormone production. And

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