Why Grass-Fed and Finished Beef is the Ultimate Protein Source for Health and Fitness Goals

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete seeking to break your personal records, a fitness enthusiast desiring to sculpt your dream physique, or someone who values nourishing their body with the best, Oreganic grass-fed and finished beef is your ultimate ally. Packed with protein, a lower fat content than conventionally raised beef, and heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids (thanks to our cattle’s diet), you can fuel your active lifestyle.

Pump Up the Protein (and the Flavor) With Grass-Fed Beef

A high-protein diet doesn’t need to be bland. No more dry, overcooked chicken breasts, grainy protein shakes, or flavorless wraps when you can enjoy succulent steaks or mouthwatering ground beef while reaching your  fitness goals. Get all the protein you need from grass-fed and finished beef (one serving of ground beef has 16.5 grams of protein, for example). Our organic, locally sourced beef has an unmatched depth of flavor made more tender and distinct by our aging and fermentation process.

Beef is a Versatile Protein Source Packed with Iron and Minerals

Ground beef or steak can be a satiating solution when you’re running low on dinner ideas. Fry it up in taco seasoning and sprinkle it on a salad for a high dose of flavor, or fix up your favorite rendition of shepherd’s pie for a nostalgic savory dish. The thing we love about beef is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to eat healthy, low-processed foods or looking for a traditional burger with all the fixings, grass-fed and finished beef is sure to satiate every palate.

Do a Clean Sweep of Added Hormones and Chemicals in the Foods You Eat for a Healthier Lifestyle

Processed foods are full of unhealthy additives to preserve your food’s shelf life. But when you add a fresh product like grass-fed and finished beef to your shopping cart, you opt for a healthier diet free of preservatives. Environmental toxins are hard to avoid in everything. Still, when choosing produce and meat, it’s best to steer toward USDA-Certified Organic labels, or at least, locally sourced products that aren’t shipped long distances. Avoiding preservatives, hormones, and genetically modified feed, helps create a higher quality end product for our consumers, and it’s a standard we are proud to uphold as a family-owned and operated ranch.

Grass Fed and Finished Beef Has Higher Concentrations of Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are a good kind of chemical for your body! These are plant compounds, flavonoids, and acids found in foods that may provide desirable health benefits, including disease resistance and prevention. Phytochemicals are often more present in grass-fed and finished ground beef than conventionally raised beef. This is because of the animal’s rich and variable diet. Grass-fed and finished ground beef samples include high levels of tocopherols (an essential precursor of Vitamin E). It also shows the presence of carotenoids and terpenoids, which exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-enriching activity in the body. Grazing animals on plant-diverse pastures versus feeding them grains promotes higher amounts of phytochemicals in the meat of grass-fed and finished animals. 

A No-Shortcut Solution to Better Nutrition

Red meat is a rich protein source that provides essential vitamins and minerals when paired with an active lifestyle and diet low in processed foods. So next time you’re out shopping for beef, consider these deals on our locally-raised products: 25 percent off site-wide, 40 percent off ground beef, and free shipping on orders over $199 to OR, WA, ID, NV, CA residents. When opting for a locally-raised product, look for trustworthy seals like USDA-Certified Organic, Gap4 Certification, and of course, grass-fed and finished. These labels help to indicate the beef products that were never treated with supplementary hormones or antibiotics. Shop our high-quality, sustainability-raised beef for a no-shortcut solution to a healthier lifestyle.