Land Stewardship

We take care of the land, so the land will take care of us.

As USDA certified organic ranchers, we follow an organic system plan to create a sustainable ecosystem where every animal thrives––keeping our cattle raising practices sustainable for future generations.

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USDA certified organic, Cattle grazing at Rocker 3 Ranch
USDA certified organic, Cows eating 100% organic grass

Rotational Grazing

The single most important part of raising 100% grass-fed and finished beef is providing animals with an abundant amount of healthy forage. We do this through rotational grazing, the process of strategically moving livestock from pasture to pasture on a regular basis. Resting grazed pastures allows forage plants to renew energy reserves, rebuild vigor, deepen root systems, and provide long-term maximum production.

Pesticide and Hormone Free

Our USDA certification means that we never use pesticides, hormones, and synthetic fertilizers. Instead we use proper grazing techniques to promote forage growth and provide a sustainable amount of grass. That means the 17,000 breathtaking acres at Rocker 3 Ranch will continue to be home for the cattle and wildlife roaming on the land for generations to come.

USDA certified organic, Cows eating 100% organic grass

Winter Feeding

When snow covers the grass at Rocker 3, we feed our cattle USDA certified organic grass hays and alfalfa. We grow the majority of the grass hay right here at the ranch and source the alfalfa and additional grass hay from other local, organic farmers. Rain or shine, our cattle always graze in an open pasture, never a feedlot.

What Our Customers Are Saying
“My wife and I split a T-bone last night. It was the best steak I have ever cooked. It certainly was on par with any high-end steak or chop house steak I’ve had.”
- Evan P. in California
What Our Customers Are Saying
"Oh my goodness. We grilled our steaks last night.  Pure perfection. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender with amazing flavor! Can't wait to eat our T-bones!" 
- Angela R. in California 
What Our Customers Are Saying
"The cuts of beef I received were nicely butchered, and thus far everything we've tasted has been great! We ordered NY strips, ribeyes, and filets... and we're looking forward to trying other cuts. Also, my follow-up questions for our order were answered promptly. Great customer service goes a long way!!"
Paul S. in Washington
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Best beef ever!!! The meat was delivered beautifully and the meat was better than we expected. My husband even made a comment that we couldn’t get this good of a cut at a high end restaurant. The quality is top notch.”
-Kurt & Haley E. in Arizona
What Our Customers Are Saying
"The customer service and quality of meat are equal in every respect! Wonderful company!"
Tristen S. in Utah
What Our Customers Are Saying
“We ordered the Brisket. I still have one slab left. Amazing meat and cooked very well on my traeger. Suggest the slower you can cook grass fed meat the better. Anyhow I will be ordering another round real soon. Thanks for the quality meat!!”
- Kevin F. in California
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Oreganic Beef Company meat is by far the best you can get. The quality and flavor is unmatched from any other I have had. The steaks are cut perfectly and grill up nicely. Take OBC's advice on cooking times, Grass Fed cooks quick. I will continue to buy my Beef through this great Company.”
- Brian G. in Oregon
What Our Customers Are Saying
“I am for sure without a doubt going to buy meat from you guys again. Without even considering the grade-A quality, I will be back because of the customer service. It was really easy for me to reach out and get a hold of somebody quick. Can’t wait for my next order of beef!”
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What Our Customers Are Saying
“It is difficult to get organic grass finished beef and Oreganic offers this. The beef was tasty and well packaged! We will definitely order again.”  
- Arun in Washington
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Oreganic Beef Company has amazing product. The company is local and family owned. Nothing but great experiences and quality organic beef.”
- Emmitt P. in Oregon
What Our Customers Are Saying
“It’s great farm raised grass fed beef. Some of the best cuts of meat we have bought. Highly recommend!”
- Garrett T. in Alabama
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Can’t say enough good things about Oreganic Beef Co! I got a big order for the holidays and all of my family love it! Asked me multiple times where it came from. Great meat raised by even better people!”
- Chad G. in Alabama
What Our Customers Are Saying
"Great quality product! Love buying local."
Darci C. in Oregon
What Our Customers Are Saying
"Amazing service & meat!"
Carla T. in Alaska
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