From Farm to Fork: The Journey of Oreganic Beef’s Organic Steak

As fourth-generation ranchers, we’re deeply invested in this industry and creating products that exceed standards and expectations. To us, that goes beyond a delicious organic steak on your grill. It means every element that went into creating that steak (or other organic beef product) was done thoughtfully and sustainably. From land stewardship to ethical processing, Oreganic’s raising the industry standard. 

Everything Starts With the Land

Centrally located in Oregon’s high desert is Rocker 3 Ranch—a piece of land with deep roots in Oregon’s pioneering history. When our family moved onto the land in 1991, we promised to build our ranch with respect to those who came before and those who will come after. 

To us, every good cut of beef starts with a sustainable ecosystem. On our ranch, we follow an organic system plan, so every animal thrives under the highest standards of quality and care. The mission we started over three decades ago remains the same: Healthy animals, people, and planet. 

Healthy Animals — Winter Feeding

Central Oregon has historically heavy winters. When the snow hits, we feed our cattle USDA-certified organic grass hays and alfalfa, which we primarily source right here at the ranch. No matter the weather, our cattle always graze in an open pasture. 

Healthy People — Pesticide & Hormone Free

We never use pesticides, hormones, or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, with proper grazing techniques, we produce 100% grass-fed and finished beef that’s better for our customers and more sustainable in the long run. 

Healthy Planet — Rotational Grazing

By moving our cattle from pasture to pasture regularly, we allow forage plants to renew their energy reserves and deepen root systems for maximum production in the long run. This practice also helps offset the climate impact of raising cattle by improving soil structure, protecting waterways from sediment runoff, providing wildlife habitat, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Happy Cattle, Happy People 

We always say we know where our cattle come from. They’re born and raised right here on the ranch to the highest humane treatment standards. We never have and never will put our animals on a crowded feedlot—they are always free to roam and live as nature intended. One of our greatest achievements has been receiving a Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step-4 Rating, which means our ranch has been audited to meet its high animal welfare standards

As 100% grass-fed and finished animals, we raise our cattle ae organically and without hormones or pesticides in their systems. If they’re ill, we use holistic and natural remedies. That includes the most recent decision not to administer the mRNA vaccine to our cattle. If an animal fails on holistic treatments, we remove it from our organic program and treat it with antibiotics. 

Most of all, we rely on preventative care and provide our cattle with a safe, spacious, stress-free living environment. 

Achieving the Organic Gold Standard 

With our three mission pillars met, Oreganic Beef has the honor (and hard work) of a USDA organic certification. To do this, we follow the strictest foot protocols in the nation, from birth to harvest. Yearly, a third-party audit assesses whether we meet their rigid standards of keeping our products free of pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones. 

Maintaining this certification is a top priority for our ranch and dates back to our long family heritage of ranching standards. 

Transparent and Ethical Processing & Distribution    

The last step in our process before the “fork” stage is how we process and distribute our organic steak and other products. Once our cattle leave the ranch, we don’t become lax in our standards. That’s why we partnered with Oregon-based Mark’s Meat Co., one of seven in the state to be certified organic and inspected by the USDA. Just as important, the shop is also Animal Welfare and GAP certified and implements a robust systematic approach to human livestock handling. 

When distributing our product, we strive to maintain our high standards of sustainability and quality. We vacuum-pack and quick-freeze (learn how to properly thaw here) each product to seal in freshness, then ship it every Tuesday to arrive within 72 hours of the ship date. Once our premium organic beef is at your doorstep, the possibilities are up to you

Organic Steak That’s a Cut Above the Rest

As a USDA-certified ranch, we’re required to meet certain standards. But it’s our deeply rooted personal standards that set Oreganic Beef apart. We’re keeping true to our mission with sustainable land practices, humanely treated cattle, and transparent and ethical processing and distribution. Find our organic steak, ground beef, bundles, and more at our online shop

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