Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef Is the Ultimate in Organic Meat. Here’s Why! 

Around here, we’re passionate about the cattle we raise on our small family ranch. We’ve been entrusted to look after this land for generations. So that means nothing is a bigger privilege than battling cold months, droughts, and supply setbacks to bring you the best grass fed, grass finished ground beef in the Pacific Northwest. 

We Go the Extra Mile With What We Feed Our Animals

You heard it here first. Our cattle only eat natural grasses they forage or eat from our supply of organic alfalfa grasses, which we harvest right here on the ranch. We don’t bulk their feed with corn, fillers, or anything other than what the cow naturally finds meandering on our acreage in Madras, Oregon. That means quality you can trust and 100 percent grass fed, grass finished beef. The finished part indicates that the animal is not fed corn to fatten it in the final months before slaughter. All the way through, our herds are grass-fed.  

We Highlight the Region’s Flavors 

Have you ever tasted a delicious local product and thought about moving to that city so you could have it again? Well, the beauty of Oreganic Beef is that you don’t have to! We ship to any location you live in the United States and offer a special discount if you live in the Pacific Northwest region (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, and Nevada). 

And speaking of regional flavors, you don’t have to be a chef to appreciate great organic meat. But you might not realize how different grass fed, grass finished beef tastes. Like it or not, most of the U.S. meat supply is grain-fed beef. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it affects most meat consumers’ palettes.

Grass fed, grass finished beef tastes considerably different from grain-fed beef, and we think better! Its leaner profile is sometimes compared to flavors of wild game. This is in part due to the animals mostly eating what’s naturally found in their environment,a combination of wild and alfalfa grasses. Corn-fed beef tends to have thicker marbling, thanks to all of those fats from corn, and can produce a fattier cut of meat.  

We Pay Greater Attention to Animal Welfare

We have this saying around the ranch: the right way trumps the fast way. That’s why it takes us an extra six to 10 months to raise our cattle on thousands of acres of grassland. No shortcuts. No crowded feed lots or confined spaces for our cattle. It’s the same slow and steady way all the way through, the way that nature intended. We are proud of our status as Central Oregon’s only third-party verified, 100% grass fed and finished Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 4 organic operation. It costs a lot of time, money, and attention to do things right, but for us, it’s the only way. 

Taste the Grass Fed, Grass Finished Difference With Oreganic Beef 

Ultimately, we’re a lot more action than talk. We run cattle, mend fences, and rely on that spirit of determination to bring our best to the market because we have 100 percent faith in the quality of the beef we produce. It’s what keeps us in the business through thick and thin, year after year. We like people to experience the difference between our organic beef rather than hear about it. 

Check out our reviews or try it yourself by shopping our steak bundles of premium cuts. Stock up on meats for the smoker or slow cooker and ground beef or find specialty items like organ meat and organic soup bones. The proof is in the results. Make the switch to grass fed, grass finished beef and taste the difference!