Slow and Sustainable: What Makes A Grass Fed Beef Box Better

In our fast-paced world, what we eat can easily become less about quality or flavor and more about convenience. Call us old-fashioned, but at Oreganic Beef, we think it shouldn’t be that way. When your food reflects a rancher’s hard work and sustainable practices over the generations, nothing comes close to the nutritional value or taste! This is what our grass-fed beef boxes are all about. 

But before we jump in on the amazing benefits of grass-fed beef, we’ll be straight shooters about this one. Grass-fed beef is more expensive (and with good reason). So if you’re looking for other options to compete on price, you’ll always find something cheaper. But if you care about the quality and the lifecycle of the food you eat, here are three reasons why a grass-fed meat box is worth it.

A Grass-Fed Beef Box Is More Expensive Because Higher Quality Meat Is Produced Slowly

There’s a reason fast food is cheap and the meal at a fine dining establishment is spendy. There’s a major difference in quality. So we won’t give you the runaround. When it comes to organic beef, you will pay more than commercially-raised beef. But you know the old saying: you get what you pay for. 

Organic grass-fed and finished beef take longer to raise than feedlot beef. In some cases, up to a year more of feeding costs, land maintenance, and caretaking to ensure the animal eats enough to reach its full potential. But with patience and a lot of labor, you get a superior product seasoned with the region’s flavors instead of an animal rushed through its lifecycle.

More Isn’t More When it Comes To Beef: Be Picky And Willing To Invest In What Is Good For You

Depending on your diet, you could eat meat once weekly or several times throughout the week. We’re not here to tell you what to do or how to eat, but we are interested in delivering the highest quality cuts of beef. 

We care about the people who consume our products. This means we focus on producing meat in smaller quantities because we understand that this is best for the animal and the end product. The American and global, diet concentrates a lot on large quantities of meat. While we are big proponents of animal protein, doctors recommend that lean, high-quality protein sources are the ticket to a healthier life.

A real upside to buying a grass-fed beef box is that you’re casting a vote for more humanely raised, higher-quality relationship to meat. 

Grass-Fed Beef Boxes Are An Investment Back Into Your Community

We all rely on farmers to eat. Buying your food more directly from producers is a vote toward keeping the good ones in business. While you might not have a grass-fed beef ranch out your back door, supporting ranchers and food growers is one practical way to keep access to high-quality, sustainably raised beef. 

So again, if you are looking for the cheapest ground beef at the store, it’s not from a grass-fed producer. The small guys, looking to compete with larger producers, will inevitably generate higher costs by not taking any shortcuts. And they will ask for more because of it.

For the Steak-Lover In Your Life, Choose Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Oreganic Beef

At Oreganic, the quality of our beef speaks for itself. We are passionate about our high-quality products because we know that once you taste the difference, nothing will compare. 

 An organic grass-fed beef box isn’t just for the family. It’s meant for sharing, a date night, or as a surprise gift for that steak lover in your life. Bring your whole family into the slow, sustainably raised beef movement with an Oreganic flat steak box or melt-in-your-mouth Oreganic short ribs.