3 Flat Iron Steak Recipes Made To Impress For That Special Occasion

Nothing says “I love you,” like surprising your sweetheart with a home-cooked meal. And around here, steak is always on the menu! Of course, no steak cut goes unappreciated. But for those unfamiliar with flat iron steaks, here are a few reasons why we love this cut.

The flat iron is a prime piece of the front shoulder that often gets upstaged by more common cuts: rib eye, sirloin, and prime rib. But there’s plenty to love about a good flat iron steak. It cooks faster than other cuts of meat due to its leaner profile, which is great for frying or pan searing. No grilling necessary! Flat iron has the same depth of flavor as other thicker cuts of meat, but the flat iron is a no-fuss, forgiving cut of meat. Splash it in some marinade, braise it for some fajitas or carne asada, and be on your way! 

Try one of these popular renditions of flat iron steak for that special occasion.

Flat Iron Steaks Make For Great Tacos 

Tired of ground beef? Time to mix things up. There are a million ways to prepare great flat iron tacos, from fajitas to carne asada. Try a dry rub on for size or to increase tenderness, bump up your marinating time. For inspiration, try this amazing recipe with a chili chipotle marinate and let the steak soak for a few hours before pan-frying for an amazing depth of flavor.

The beauty of tacos is their versatility. Love your tacos with the tangy twist of pineapple, bell pepper, and sweet onion? How about cilantro, radish, and salsa crema? Choose a theme whether it’s TexMex, Hawaiian BBQ, or all about that fire-breathing chili pepper heat!

Beef And Broccoli With Flat Iron Steaks

Do you know that beef and broccoli dish you order from every Chinese menu? Here’s how to recreate it at home! We love the simplicity of a beef and broccoli dish. The flat iron, cut into rich, tender strips, is pan-seared and laid atop a bed of crisp broccoli contrasted perfectly with a side of jasmine rice. The sesame seeds are the perfect nutty contrast to this dish. For that extra wok-inspired flavor, dash in some sesame oil while the steak is frying. Your sweetheart will love it (this knocks a box of chocolates out of the park). 

Traditional Flat Iron Steak With Chimichurri 

This recipe is just the thing for those who prefer not to reinvent the wheel. Traditional preparation of flat iron steak with chimichurri is a timeless classic. A little salty, a little spicy, and absolutely delicious. Perfecting the preparation technique means not overcooking the flat iron steak, so it remains juicy and retains some of its pinkness when serving. For all the details, try this recipe, and if you’re ambitious, make your own chimichurri. A fresh combo of cilantro, chili flakes, and olive oil sends this steak over the edge. 

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Flat Iron Steaks For That Special Occasion

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