Considering a Meat Subscription? Why Buying Ranch Direct Beef Is Even Better

It was formerly the case that you could trust your local butcher to source top-quality cuts of meat. And maybe if you live in a small town or have the right connections, you still can. But between the supply chain and the globalization of the world’s meat production, it’s more difficult than ever to know where your food comes from. Especially when ordering from online meat companies! Meat subscription boxes are a simple and direct way to support cattle ranchers who are doing it right. But have you considered ordering directly from the ranch without being on the hook for ordering more products every month? 

Easily Traceable Ranch Produced and Distributed Meat 

When you sign up for a conventional meat subscription, your beef could come from any number of farms depending on the distributor. With Rocker 3 Ranch, you always know what you’re getting and who you’re getting it from (down to the animal’s sire and age). 

By contrast, when you shop Oreganic’s bundle boxes, every cut is traceable down to the animal’s sire,  grazing location, and age. We know beef, and we’re not into any bull when it comes to raising the highest quality, grass-fed, grass-finished beef. That’s why we go the extra mile to meet stringent USDA organic certifications.

Ranch-Direct Meat Is Guaranteed Higher Quality 

Here are a few reasons grass-fed organic meat stands out from non-organic meat subscription boxes.

Better For the Environment

Sustainability is a trickle-down effect. Because we focus on producing quality rather than on volume, we can reduce our impact on the land. For example, organic ranchers use rotational grazing to minimize soil erosion and allow forage plants to renew energy reserves, rebuild vigor, deepen root systems, and provide long-term maximum production.

Our goal at Rocker 3 Ranch is to leave the environment better than we found it and entrust its care to future generations. As cattle have grazed on grasses for generations, it’s only natural that they continue this way. Here’s some more in-depth reading of the organic livestock requirements we follow per the USDA.

More Strictly Regulated For Hormones, Antibiotics, and Steroids

In every way, we follow more stringent guidelines than conventional beef ranchers. For example, our beef is fed 100 percent certified organic grasses (alfalfa and wild grasses raised on our land), managed without antibiotics or growth hormones, and follows a complex system of USDA-approved plans involving crop treatments and grazing grounds. The organic certification keeps us accountable for every step the animal makes throughout its life journey. This means that the animal is protected from environmental toxins or pollutants from pesticides it could encounter on grazing grounds or from water sources. 

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Organic Beef Is Humanely Raised 

As organic beef ranchers, we care for our livestock’s needs in several ways. They must have year-round access to the outdoors, be raised on certified organic land and crop production, and in the case of grass-fed, grass-finished beef, not be fed any grain products, ever. 

And as the research shows, the pasture-based diet is even better for the animal. Grass-fed beef has better digestive health, allowing microorganisms to thrive in the stomach of the animals. This is linked with a reduction in disease and inflammatory conditions like hock lesions and mastitis. So even for our cattle’s well-being, it pays to eat plants.

Considering An Organic Meat Subscription? Buy On-Demand From A Ranch Instead

We want to get organic, grass-fed, and finished beef into the hands of every consumer we can. Because if you’re comparing our beef to other generically raised products, there’s simply no parallel for quality or flavor. Organic beef is the clear frontrunner in our customer’s minds (read our reviews). So, treat yourself to a cut of our Oreganic Short Rib or Top Sirloin. You’ll hit reorder as soon as you taste our beef!