The Best Grass-Fed and Finished Beef Delivered to Your Door

The winter months are all about chasing convenience and comfort. We crave hearty soups, seek out connection with family and friends, and opt for pickup and delivery for our must-have items. At Oreganic, our family understands (and mirrors) these needs as our customers do. That’s why we created a transparent process that ensures quality beef delivered right to our customers’ doors. Less time shopping means more time enjoying cozy winter nights with loved ones. 

Quality Beef, Delivered 

To answer the age-old question: we’ve got the beef. Or, rather, you’ve got the beef delivered to your house in a timely and well-protected manner. If you need some convincing about why ordering beef online beats picking up a cut from the grocery store, these are our top benefits: 

  • Low-fuss, high-quality 
  • Endless possibilities for everyday meals to party planning 
  • High standards that prioritize customers 
  • Hands-on support from a family-run ranch 
  • Not having to leave your house 

Still need some convincing? Read on! 

The Oreganic Difference 

We do things differently out here in Madras, Oregon. Our ranch sits in the shadow of the towering Cascade Mountain Range, the land in long-standing partnership with ranchers and pioneers. We treat the land as we’ve always treated our animals and customers—with the respect they deserve. 

The Oreganic difference is one you can taste. We can confidently say our beef is a cut above the rest because of the following reasons: 

Transparent Process

How many times have you wandered the meat aisle at the store and wondered where did this product come from? Aninimonity is fun when doing Secret Santa, but not so much when you’re trying to feed your family. At Oreganic, we believe you should always buy beef you can trust. That’s why we keep detailed logs with the date your beef was born and harvested and anything of note that happened throughout its life. You can vet every process our products go through from beginning to end. 

Land Stewardship

We respect our land. When we started Rocker 3 Ranch in 1991, we did so with the intention of honoring the people, animals, and ecosystems that made the land what it was. As USDA-certified organic ranchers, we keep sustainable practices—rotational grazing, winter feeding, pesticide and hormone-free animals—that meet the Department of Agriculture’s rigid requirements. 

Family Owned & Operated

Oreganic founder “Big D” Darrell Ceciliani Jr passed down more than his love of ranching to his three sons. He also passed down a commitment to hard, intentional work—of doing things the right way (not the fast way). 

Humane & Ethical Treatment

Before you receive beef delivered to your door, our ranch meets and exceeds rigorous care standards. Our beef starts and finishes in an open pasture, eating dried forage and certified organic grasses. We’re proud to hold the coveted GAP Step-4 rating, which verifies our animals are raised humanely and healthfully. 

Processed With Care 

When you’re in the grocery store, there’s no telling how your cut of beef was processed other than the sell-by date and thin packaging. At Oreganic, we always hearken back to doing things the right way. This includes working with one of Oregon’s only USDA-certified-organic and GAP-certified butcher shops, Mark’s Meat Co

From there, we dry-age all prime cuts for a minimum of 30 days and ground beef for 14 days before cutting and wrapping. Doing this gives the meat’s enzymes time to break down the muscle tissues, which equals richer flavor and better texture. 

Shipped to Your Door 

The last stage before beef goes out the door is packaging. We securely vacuum-pack and individually quick-freeze every order to seal in freshness. We also guarantee delivery within 72 hours of your shipment date, which means less time between clicking buy and savoring the Oreganic difference. 

If you need beef delivered before an event, be sure to place your order by 11:59pm Monday to be included in the weekly shipment. 

Shop Oreganic’s Top-Tier Products  

Oreganic is more than quality beef delivered to your home. It’s also the guarantee of a family-owned company that cares deeply for the land, its people, and its animals. Shop Oreganic’s 100% grass-fed and finished products through our online shop and save 50% off stew meat, short ribs, chuck roast, shanks, and soup bones for the month of January. As always, shipping is free on orders $199 and over for Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada residents.