Traceability & Transparency: the Pillars of Oreganic™ Beef’s Business

At Oreganic Beef Company™, we believe in producing quality, sustainable beef with integrity. The commercial food industry is a lot of smoke and mirrors. We like to rise above with full traceability and transparency. 

Beef traceability

Food traceability is a hot topic for a reason. It refers to the ability to track the food supply chain. This includes the raw materials used, certifications achieved, processes, and control systems. Traceability boils down to providing consumers knowledge about what they’re eating and where it came from. In other words, the entire process from A to Z. For Oreganic™, our beef traceability means the following: 

Animal welfare

We’re committed to our animals. Not only because we genuinely believe that stress-free cattle produce better tasting meat. But because we know that these animals deserve to be well-treated and well-fed. For any cut of meat you choose, we could tell you everything about the animal. Where it was born, where and what it grazed, and even who its mother was. Part of our humane treatment includes our animals grazing the thousands of acres of organic grasses at Rocker 3 Ranch. 


Traceability doesn’t stop once the animals leave the ranch. That’s why we have a long-term partnership with Mark’s Meat Co. in Canby, OR. They are one of seven butcher shops in Oregon that are certified organic and inspected by the USDA. In keeping with our standards, the shop is also Animal Welfare approved and GAP certified. 

Packaging and shipping

Every time you order with Oreganic™, we vacuum pack and quick-freeze the product. We also guarantee delivery within 72 hours of the shipment date. Currently, all of our shipments go out on Tuesdays. As of now, we’re shipping to California, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. 


Tracking your food origins—from the animal’s upbringing to the type of processing and packaging it went through—means you truly know what you’re eating. Plus, traceable processes and informed consumption ultimately lead to healthier eating habits. When everyone’s accountable, everyone wins.  

Company transparency 

The food transparency movement is something we take very seriously at Oreganic™. It helps consumers rest easy knowing that the food they’re purchasing is safe, traceable, and focused on sustainability and animal welfare. We address this in the following ways: 

GAP4 certified 

Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step-4 Rating refers to what conditions we raise our animals under. To meet this certification, third-party farm audits verify and ensure our animals graze in open pastures and are never in feedlots. On top of receiving proper handling, feed, water, and care throughout their lives. This certification lets our consumers know that we raise our animals in humane conditions and as naturally as possible.

USDA certified organic 

To be USDA certified organic, we have to keep up with rigorous standards from birth to harvest. Including that the “animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products.” Taking great care of the animals and providing them with stress-free lives is a family value that stemmed long before the USDA organic protocols. And something we pass down through each generation. They are free to roam, feed on organic grasses, and live as naturally as possible. 

Family owned and operated 

Beef is our business. And the Rocker 3 Ranch is our legacy. As a family-owned business, we believe in being fully transparent as individuals and as a company. We strive to be upfront about the extra costs and time it takes to raise 100% grass-fed, USDA certified organic beef. You can even schedule a tour by appointment to see for yourself. 

Trust Oreganic™ 

Purchasing from Oreganic™ means that you’re getting the guarantee of healthier, more sustainable beef. Our commitment to total traceability and transparency extends from our ranch to your table. By choosing Oreganic™ Beef, you are encouraging the change to a healthier, happier lifestyle for animals across America.