Grass-Fed and Finished Organic Beef Startup, Oreganic Beef Company, Delivers to Your Doorstep from Family-Owned Ranch in Madras, OR

Oreganic Beef Company, which raises fully traceable organic beef from the Rocker 3 Ranch in Madras, Oregon, is announcing the debut of their direct-to-consumer beef delivery. 

Third-generation rancher Darrell Ceciliani first launched Oreganic Beef in 2019. The company stands on the premise that traceability is a fundamental right for today’s consumers.  The family-owned ranch is one of Central Oregon’s only third-party verified, 100% grass-fed and finished, GAP4-certified, and USDA certified organic operations. 

Direct-to-consumer beef was the Ceciliani family’s dream for over 30 years. After time spent in the commercial food industry, they wanted to pursue a process that would ultimately ensure better health for their cattle and customers. Oreganic Beef is a fully traceable product backed by third-party certifications that audit the ranch annually for quality. The end results are animals that lead happier lives and better-tasting meat that contains more essential nutrients. From the animal’s birth and humane raising to their dry-aging process and equally certified processing facility, Oreganic ensures quality control at every stage. 

Each order is securely vacuum-packed and individually quick frozen to seal in freshness. Then it’s shipped directly to consumer’s doors. As of 2020, the company ships exclusively to Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado to maintain the highest quality product. 

About Oreganic Beef Company: 

Darrell Ceciliani Jr. launched Oreganic Beef Company in 2019 with his three sons and a passion for organic ranching and land stewardship. The Ceciliani’s are third and fourth generation ranchers and have an appreciation for animal welfare, sustainable ranching, and traceable products. Oreganic Beef Company is the result of 30 years of planning, building partnerships in the community, and becoming third-party verified to deliver beef consumers can trust.