Prep Your Freezer For Winter With Grass Fed Meat Delivery

Winters are made for hearty meals; now is the time to stock your freezer with high-quality red meat for the season. Think organic stew meat for the slow cooker, ground beef for a savory winter meatloaf, or T-bones for a memorable at-home date night. The possibilities are endless! But before you hop in the car and head to the grocery store, consider our favorite perks of ordering grass-fed meat delivery right to your front door.

Get Exactly As Much As You Need (No Subscription Required)

Our grass-fed meat delivery service is different because we operate on demand. There is no monthly or annual commitment, subscription signups, or pausing deliveries like other services. We make it simple: we deliver what you want when you want it, every time. 

Guaranteed Delivery Within 72 Hours of Shipment

Each order of our grass-fed-and-finished beef is securely vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen for freshness. Then it’s shipped right to your front door. Need the meat you order online to arrive by a specific date or time? No need to worry about shipping delays with Oreganic. We guarantee delivery within 72 hours of your order date if you place it before 8:00 AM on Tuesday (when our weekly shipment dispatches). If you place it on Wednesday or later in the week, it goes out with the following week’s shipment. 

You Can Build Your Own Box with Oreganic Grass-Fed Meat Delivery

Choose from a selection of our dry-aged organic steaks, beef bones for making homemade broth, and ground beef for that catch-all meal in your household. If you prefer a curated box, choose from our bundled boxes for crockpot cooking, steak lovers, the grill, and more! And if you’ve never tried our 100% grass-fed and finished organic beef before, we promise you will immediately notice a difference. Our meat quality is a cut above the rest. It has less fat, and richer flavor thanks to the wild and harvested Oregon alfalfa grasses our animals graze on year-round. 

Prioritize Your Favorite Cuts and Stock Your Freezer How You Want

We get it. When you order from other grass-fed delivery box companies, you might get stuck with cuts of beef you didn’t choose or even like. And if you are preparing meals for picky eaters at home, this is really frustrating. Stock up on more of what your family loves with Oreganic’s grass-fed meat delivery boxes. We ship only what you want, so you’re squared away for the winter. Grass-fed beef keeps really well in the freezer, but most of our customers eat through what they order in a hurry because it tastes so good!  

Order On Demand With Grass-Fed Delivery Boxes From Oreganic

At Oreganic, we’re a multi-generational family ranch, which means great care and hard work goes into every single order we package and ship. There’s nothing mass-produced or generic about our beef. We take pride in caring for every animal through its entire lifecycle, and the quality beef in your order reflects that. So if you’re looking to increase the quality of nutrition for the whole family, take advantage of our grass-fed meat delivery service without stepping outside your home. Now that’s service!