From Ranch to Freezer—What It Takes to Keep Our Beef USDA Certified Organic

Here at Oreganic™, we’re committed to providing the highest quality beef possible. For us, that means grass-fed, grass-finished, and certified organic. As a USDA certified organic beef producer, there are special considerations all along the production line. From ranch to freezer, here are the steps we take to keep our beef USDA certified organic.  

On the Ranch

The majority of our organic practices come easy for us. After all, we built them into our philosophy when we raised our first herd on Rocker 3 Ranch. USDA certification dictates what the animals eat, how they’re medically treated, and where and how they live on the ranch.

It starts with feed

Organic certification starts with what your animals eat. You already know that our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished. But did you know that—to maintain our USDA organic certification—our grazing pastures and any winter feed must also be certified organic? That means no herbicides, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers. 

Antibiotic and hormone-free

We never treat our animals with antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products, or prohibited feed ingredients. So, what happens if an animal gets sick and requires antibiotic treatment? It goes against our philosophy to let an animal suffer. We always do the humane thing and follow veterinary medical best practices. Then we remove that animal from our organic beef program to uphold our 100% organic promise to you, our consumers. 

Animal welfare

We’re here to raise healthy, happy, stress-free animals. That means a life that accommodates their natural behaviors. On our ranch, they have freedom to graze, room to roam, and enrichment opportunities. And we guarantee it through third-party audits and GAP4 certification.

At the Butcher

We don’t stop following organic guidelines after the animal leaves the ranch. We also partner with a USDA organic processor. Our certified organic animals have their own holding pen. The processor’s entire shop and all tools and must pass USDA inspection before processing our beef. This organic processing step is just one more way we guarantee top-quality beef—from our ranch to your table. 

In a nutshell… 

Anybody can claim “organic” on their label by simply signing an affidavit that says it’s organic. But our beef is USDA certified organic, which means it meets rigorous protocols and is subject to yearly audits. In short, our organic certification reassures our customers that we’re the real deal