USDA Certified Organic Steak Burger (1lb)

Oreganic Beef’s 100% grass-fed & finished, USDA certified organic steak burger is made from the trimmings of our 30-day dry aged ribeye, NY, and Top Sirloin steaks, ground and made into 1/3lb patties– perfect for easy grilling! It’s everything you love about our tender, juicy steaks packed into a burger! Each pack of Oreganic steak burger weighs between .99-1.02lbs total and consists of three, 1/3lb patties.  The grind ratio of these burgers varies slightly, but on an average they’re about 85% lean and 15% fat.  Not only does it make your burger experience even better, it also makes YOU feel better knowing your beef was raised the right way– not the fast or easy way. As always, Oreganic Beef Company sources all our beef from our family ranch (Rocker 3 Ranch) located in Madras, Oregon.



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