USDA Certified Organic Skirt Steak

Our USDA certified organic, 100% grass-fed & finished skirt steak is the perfect cut for carne asada night! This long, narrow, flat steak is sought after for its intense flavors rather than extreme tenderness. This is the most widely used cut in restaurants for fajitas/carne asada. When prepared correctly, the skirt steak can be an absolutely delicious cut of beef, but it is another one of those cuts that’s very important for it to be sliced against the grain to maximize tenderness.  Pair that with a tenderizing marinade (something acidic, such as lime – to break down muscle tissue) & you’re in for an absolute treat at the dinner table.  As always, our USDA organic, 100% grass-fed beef products are sourced directly from our family ranch (Rocker 3 Ranch) located in Madras, Oregon