USDA Certified Organic Bone-In NY Strip (20+oz)

Oreganic Beef’s 100% grass-fed & finished, USDA certified organic bone-in NY steaks are 20+oz each, and some of the juiciest strips we’ve got! Dry aged 30 days, as always.  Leaving the bone on is preferred by many steak lovers because it helps to lock in the juices and flavors during cooking, providing for an extraordinary steak. It is not unlikely that there will still be a very small portion of tenderloin included with your bone-in NY– this is because we cut our bone-in NY’s from the same short loin our T-bones are cut from, but when the tenderloin reaches a less than desired size, we label and sell them as bone-in NY’s (the way it should be). As always, Oreganic Beef Co. proudly sources all our beef from our family ranch (Rocker 3 Ranch) located in Madras, Oregon.

All bone-in NY steaks are cut at a thickness of 1.25″.


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