USDA Certified Organic Beef Heart

Our 100% grass-fed & finished, USDA Certified Organic Beef Heart is amongst the most nutrient-dense pieces of meat you can buy. There are a few different ways to cook beef heart, and it really comes down to personal preference.  Our favorite method is to cook the heart just like a steak – on the barbecue or in a cast iron pan, cooked to an internal temperature 132 degrees with a 3-5 minute rest for a perfect medium rare.  Other methods include cubing the heart into smaller chunks similar to stew beef, and slow roasting in a crockpot; simply replace your typical stew meat with our 100% grass-fed & finished beef heart for an even healthier alternative to your favorite stew.  As always, all products are sourced from our family ranch (Rocker 3 Ranch) located in Madras, Oregon.